The alluring turquoise waters of the TCI feature a vast, thriving coral reef ecosystem and lots of walls - third largest barrier reef. Whether you’re looking for breathtaking walls or wrecks, scuba diving in the Turks and Caicos is both accessible and impressive. The Columbus Passage that separates the Turks Islands from the Caicos Islands is a water highway for migrating fish, rays, turtles, dolphins and Humpback whales from January through March. A large portion of the coast is protected by the National Parks Ordinance, which results in pristine dive sites with abundant marine life - a true diver's paradise.


Our snorkel and dive adventures are all about small groups. Less is more. With less people one has more time and can see more wildlife. From stingrays in the shallows to dolphins and humpback whales in the deep blue sea it’s all about the experiences. Our half day and full day dedicated snorkel safaris will take you to outer reefs and beyond to see pristine corals and loads of fish while also exploring rarely visited coves, beaches and islands. Our diving format allows for unlimited bottom times, extended surface intervals and a huge chance for excellent underwater encounters off the walls that descend from 40’-6000’.

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Dive Provo is dedicated to providing guests with convenient and trouble-free diving. Complimentary pick-ups are offered from Grace Bay resorts and from pick-up to drop off the staff do their best to make sure you have a good time. All are experienced, qualified professionals who love diving and want to show you the best of Turks and Caicos scuba diving.

Reservations 800.234.7768 and 954.351.9771 or by email: diving@diveprovo.com

We run a single owner operated boat, aiming to provide the best possible diving experience to a small group of certified divers and personalized scuba diving instruction. The best of our famed wall diving lies less than an hour from our Southside dock. The generally clear waters and consistent currents allow for relaxed diving along pristine reefs and breathtaking drop-offs. Frequent sightings of Eagle Rays, up close encounters with passive Sharks, and docile Turtles, as well as diverse reef life, make for a chilled and memorable adventure. 

Aqua TCI Reservations:649.432.2782 or Aquatci@live.com