Long Bay is kiteboarding mecca! It’s a favorite for all level with its immense 20 square kilometers sandy bay, one meter deep as far as the eye can see and ideally located for consistent E-SE trade winds coming directly on shore on side-on. No current, no coral, no breaking waves and no danger. Join one of our partners for a few lessons or to go on epic safaris and downwinders all over TCI.


Kiteboarding is booming and it’s easy to see why. Great winds with wonderful beaches are the perfect recipe for some amazing riding. We have been teaching here since 2008 and introduced kiteboarding to our program as an extension to adventures that don’t require engines. Our IKO instructors will get you riding in no time and then the fun really starts. With our extensive knowledge, experience and sense of adventure the best kiteboarding is where nobody is. Miles and miles of untapped beaches, flats, coves and waves, most only accessible by boat and not even on Provo!

O. +1 649-946-5034
C. +1 649-231-6455

We are the most experienced kitesurf school on Providenciales. All of our instructors hold certifications from IKO, WKO, or PASA. Our head instructor, Robert Bedoya, has been teaching kitesurfing for more than 12 years, and windsurfing for more than 20 years. We have a wealth of experience teaching students as young as 5 years old to those more than 60. We tailor the lesson to suit the student. But, most importantly, we teach because we love to kite! We’re ll addicted to kitesurfing and can’t wait to share this beautiful sport with you! 

KiteSurfTci  E:  C:1+649.231.5483